Mary Louise Kooyumjian Scholarship (Open to new returning adult students)

This endowed scholarship is available to newly-enrolled undergraduate students who are in their first or second semester of attendance at Northeastern Illinois University. Applicants must be 29 years of age or older, and may be enrolled full-time or part-time at NEIU. Applicants must be Illinois residents and able to demonstrate potential to do collegiate-level work (may be demonstrated through life experiences, interests, former academic work).

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please attach an academic transcript.
  2. Please provide an essay, 250 words or less, addressing educational plans, career plans, financial need and a description of how this scholarship might help you to achieve goals and/or meet needs.
  3. Please provide a name and email address for two letters of recommendation, one preferably from a school/college official or work supervisor who can discuss academic and personal achievements, as well as potential for future success.
    • Provide Name and Email Address
  4. Is this your first or second semester attending NEIU?
  5. Did you return to college to provide for yourself and your family?